Monday, March 26, 2012

D800 Uncompressed HDMI 24p Update

I tested the D800 with AJA's IOHD with the cards removed from the camera. No difference. I can still get  my BlackMagic card to ingest 24p with the D800 set to AUTO, so YES this WORKS. Will it work with a Ninja? Dunno, but my guess is yes. I think the IOHD is old enough it just doesn't support it--according to the IOHD manual, 24p isn't an input option via HDMI. Where a Ninja is built for this and they advertise compatibility on their site, I'm quite optimistic. And AJA is king of customer support and keeping up to date with what professionals need so I'm sure they'll do their part with whatever firmware updates are possible with current hardware (EDID support for compatible devices).

Still the bizarre issue of standard pulldown not being done in camera persists. With both AJA and Blackmagic hardware, the camera set to spit out 1080i, no internal memory present, and capturing at 1080i, the weird 4 interlaced 1 progressive field cadence appears. How do we get the D800 to do a standard pulldown in case out external devices won't take the 24p feed?

And another little walk around with INTERNAL recording. Aliasing not bad if shot stays moving :)

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